What information do I need to provide for the audit?

Decide on what four month period you would like to have audited
Bank statements for each month
Credit Card statements for each month
Merchant account statements for each month
Internet access to your bank account (a simple password change after audit will re-secure your account)
Access to your accounting program

How long does an audit take?

It will depend on the size of your company.  A typcial small company with one bank statement, one to two credit cards and one merchant account will take about four hours.   Larger companies could take up to eight hours.

When do I perform these audits?

That is up to you!  It really will depend on whether you want a discreet audit or not.   If you'd like a discreet audit I will do it in the evenings or on the weekend (for no extra charge).

What is the advantages of a discreet or non discreet audit?

If you have a long term bookkeeper and a personal relationship with that person, you might want to perform a discreet audit.  If you have a new bookkeeper you might want to do a non-discreet audit as this could be a deterent to possible theft in the future.  Any bookkeeper that knows you could possibly do an audit at any time will most likely not embezzle funds.

How soon can my audit be performed?

I can usually book your audit within 7 days of your inquiry.