Why did I start this company?

In 1996 I started my own business opening a Pasta & Pizza restaurant in Southern California.  I enjoyed the financial side of the business and learned all I could about the bookkeeping aspect of a small business.   After selling my successful restaurants we decided to move back to Newberg, Oregon.  Since that time I have pursued a career in bookkeeping and account managing.   I have been the accounting manager at Twin Springs Nursery for the past seventeen years and still currently hold my position with the company.    Its a very seasonal job which allows for me to have some extra time to pursue some other interests in my life. 

Over the years I have always been saddened by the reports of theft and loss to many companies and decided I would like to do something about securing the integrity of small business bookkeepers in my local communities.  I really enjoy the forensic side of accounting.  

I have done extensive research on fraud and how money is embezzled from business accounts.  In many cases my services will provide determint of theft as any bookkeeper entertaining the idea of theft will not pursue it with the possibility of a theft audit.  In other cases it will reveal theft and give you the ability to not only stop any further loss to your company but a chance to prosecute for the theft and possibly get restitution.     

Barbara Linder

Who am I?

I am a wife to my husband Roger of 27 years and mother to two grown children.   I am passionate about being in the outdoors and most weekends you will find me running around the mountains training my Search and Rescue K-9's, Opal and Mya.   One of the reasons I started this company was to be able financially support my Search and Rescue passion.  There's lots of equipment to buy and we are responsible for getting ourselves to the search site, food, lodging and gas.  It can be quite an expensive but worth every penny to possibly bring a loved one back to their family.  I have lived in Newberg for the past 22 years and I'm happy to call this community my home.  
  1. Managing Director