One of the most serious threats to the success of a small business is employee theft.  Misplaced trust, lax hiring and supervision, along with a failure to implement basic financial controls can lead to an environment that is ripe for embezzlement and fraud.  Is your business high risk for embezzlement?  Check out the information below!

High Risk Businesses

  • Your bookkeeper is a signer on your bank accounts
  • You don’t open and/or review your business bank statements
  • Your company doesn’t use and/or review budgets vs spending
  • You don’t review your credit card statements monthly
  • You don’t review your merchant accounts monthly
  • Blank checks are easily accessible
  • You have multiple signers to sign your checks
  • You don’t review your monthly profit and loss financial reports
  • You don't know the passwords to any of your accounts
 Possible Indicators of potential theft such as:
(but not limited to)

Sudden, apparent devotion to work and working late.
Lifestyles well above salary levels.

Does not take assistance even though work load is too much
Strong objections to procedural changes related to financial, inventory or supply matters.
Drugs and alcohol abuse.
Moonlighting with materials available at the business.
Evidence of compulsive gambling, persistent borrowing or bad check writing.

I specialize in teaching you, the small business owner, how to protect your business from fraud and embezzlement.   
I am also available to conduct audits for fraud and embezzlement onsite for customers that suspect fraud and don't have the time to take my seminar.   Theft is extremely costly and can go on a very long time undetected.  Take a few minutes and read through some recent cases on my services page and make up your mind if you need to sign up today for my workshop or hire me for an audit!

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